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The Law We specialize in offering comprehensive legal services to clients in the fields of entertainment and business law. Our expertise includes contract negotiation, mediation, business development, counseling on business formation, and brand development in various mediums such as film, music, television, and the internet. Additionally, we provide legal counsel and representation in family law and litigation, if required, in matters related to entertainment, business, and family law.


Ronald M. Lebow assists artists, writers, producers, composers, athletes, producers and directors achieve their desired goals in the fields of music, film, television and new media. Since his admission to practice in 1978, Mr. Lebow has worked with talent in the entertainment industry and technology companies providing practical, legal and strategic advice to help his clients make creative and business decisions.


Copyright laws encourage the creation of, and protect the expression in, creative works by allowing their owners to license them and/or to prevent their misuse. Copyright underlies almost every film, television program, musical work or website.  Copyright laws attempt to strike a balance between the interests of the creators of copyrighted materials and the users and consumers of creative works. The balance keeps shifting. The Internet is the latest medium to challenge that balance.


The Music Industry has changed dramatically. To that end, writers, publishers, artists, producers, independent record and production companies have to evolve and adapt to the changes in the industry and the opportunities and challenges that these changes bring not only to the creative side of music but particularly to the business side of the industry. The Law Offices of Ronald M. Lebow represents composers, recording artists, performers and music publishers, as well as independent record companies distributing music both through the normal channels and through the Internet


The Law Offices of Ronald M. Lebow assists clients seeking to capitalize on the distribution of entertainment content in an online and digital environment. The firm is currently working with cutting edge creators of online disseminators of music and sound recordings through the Internet. Whether you are interested in creating a business using the Internet as part of your direct business or advertising, more and more individuals and companies are turning to the Internet for revenue, communication and advertising that is cost effective and able to reach more potential customers and consumers thereby opening up more opportunities for business and entertainment ventures.

Intellectual Property

Our expertise lies in representing clients in the areas of copyright, trademark, trade secret, and patent law, which collectively make up what is known as intellectual property (IP). Each of these areas requires specialized knowledge, and we have successfully assisted clients from various creative industries. Whether you are an individual artist, a record label, a film production company, or a publishing house, we are dedicated to helping you safeguard and capitalize on your creative endeavors.

Licensing & Clearances

A license is a right to do or use something. Where intellectual property (IP) is concerned, the word “license” is generally synonymous with “contract.” Like contracts, licenses are not always in writing. However, in some cases licenses must be in writing for the right to use the IP to be effective. Some licenses include the process of obtaining the right to use certain work of collaborators in the creative process and this entails obtaining a clearance to use that work.

& Television

In order for any film or television project to come to fruition, it is crucial to possess a comprehensive grasp of legal matters. Contracts, financing, and applications are indispensable components that must be addressed. The process entails the handling of various documents, which necessitate negotiation, preparation, review, signing, and filing. Whether the project is spearheaded by an independent filmmaker working on a limited-budget production or involves a complex feature film co-production, meticulous documentation is essential to maximize the project’s chances of achieving success.
Business Law

We represent entrepreneurs, businesses and creative professionals. Our clients include artists, athletes, owners, executives, startups, media, and small and large companies. Our aim is to assists our clients to achieve their goals and provide the information necessary for our clients to choose the best path forward for their enterprise and to make a positive

Sole Proprietors

Most individuals who run their own businesses are “sole proprietors”. With some exceptions (for example, taxes), sole proprietors do not have to file any forms with the government to start and operate their businesses except a fictitious business name filing.
Corporation and LLC's

Copyright, trademark, trade secret and patent law are the four pillars of what is commonly called intellectual property (IP). They are each specialties in their own right.

The Law Offices of Ronald M. Lebow assists clients seeking to form partnerships which can impact the partners depending upon the form of the partnership, whether it is a general or limited partnership, or a joint venture between companies. Careful understanding and structure are critical in entering into these types of entities to conduct your business. Partnerships are formed every day (sometimes without the partners even realizing it), and some jurisdictions require that partnerships file documentation to register their existence.
Family Law

The Law Office of Ronald M. Lebow has 40 years of Family Law practice, handling some of the most complex cases in California. While Family Law matters are seldom pleasant, our goal is to help you through this process by providing you with various options in order to maximum your results as economically as possible without compromising your goals. In many cases, alternative dispute resolution is quite helpful in assisting parties to resolve their disputes without the more expensive and rigid rules in Court. The process of Mediation allows parties to express themselves in a less formal setting and take a more active part in the process. As it takes two people to tango and not everyone at the early stages of a divorce wants to dance, effective Court strategy at the outset can produce effective results and minimize the financial costs.

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Collaborative Law
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Separation, Divorce, Post-Divorce

Mediated Premarital Agreement

Cohabitation Agreements

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